Saturday, November 24, 2007

Is Paul Pritchard a hero?

Hardly. Paul Pritchard, you probably know, is the 25 year old man who filmed Robert Dziekanski being electrocuted and then pinned on the chest and throat by the RCMP. He was one of many witnesses not only to Dziekanski's death, but also his confusion, delerium, panic, fear, breakdown, unravelling, distress, and helplessness.

Let me be entirely clear: Pritchard is a hero only because the RCMP killed someone in whose distress he was taking great pleasure and entertainment. Indeed, in an interview with CBC Radio, Pritchard said he thought he could use one man's distress for entertainment and perhaps some noteriety. Lucky for him, the RCMP proceeded to kill the man he merely mocked. Had they not, he would have been just another person uploading someone else's shame onto YouTube.

If you want to find a hero in this, it's Sima Ashrafinia, the only bystander with the courage and compassion to try to help Dziekanski. Let's not glorify Pritchard any more than we have. His 15 minutes were up as soon as the media obtained his tape.

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David Wilson said...

I think he is a hero because he persevered when the RCMP didn't want to give back his tape, he went down there with a lawyer, and when he had the tape he simply distributed it to all comes, so yeah, I think he is a hero,

Sima Ashrafinia for the reasons you mention, and Kirby Graeme because he made 12,000 enemies (as he said in his own words, and this is not a small matter for someone who has to get along with them every day) and he stood up to the cross examination by David Butcher

be well.