Friday, November 02, 2007

Harper in a Jam

Clearly, this promises to be a sticky situation for Harper. One can only hope he is able to preserve his spread in the polls in the face of this. Otherwise, questions may begin to be raised about whether he is lacking the royal jelly. In other words, he may be toast.


Dennis said...

Cherniak's time would be better spent investigating Mulroney's bread.

Dennis said...

Submitted to Cherniak, but not accepted by moderator (i.e., Cherniak):

"I'm not sure if there is anything legally wrong with this..."

"Jason Cherniak is a 28-year old lawyer...working in Toronto."

Something about this doesn't seem to pass the sniff test.

On a related note, I canceled my Liberal membership last week, in large part because I could no longer tolerate this blind/silly partisanship, from either side. (It's also why I canceled my rss feed of this blog...never would have seen it if not for Peter's.)

Em said...

You whet my appetite with such brilliance, Pete.