Sunday, August 13, 2006

Some random thoughts - a second post

Kinsella calls this flotjam, or something, does he not? Whatever the moniker, here are some good thoughts on a Sunday night after a great week in Halifax:

Josh Ritter is awesome. David Myles is to be credited for playing him for me last Saturday and for not laughing at me hearing him for the first time about two years after everyone else. You should also listen to David before you're two years behind as well.

This is a great if dated article on the integration of train stations and airports. With ten year's hindsight it's largely on the mark.

The Nonsuch 33 is an engineering marvel. It's an absolute travesty it is no longer made. If I can take the helm, then it's not a hard boat to navigate. Thanks to Mike Patrick for temporarily suspending his better judgement.

And this is a great bike to take you into the sunset, if not quite the engineering feat of the Nonsuch.

Finally, Linda Diebel has at once shown her ability to write a nice profile when she tries and her absolute inability to read the tea leaves of membership numbers. That's all for now.

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