Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hey brother, can you spare a dime?

Jason Cherniak spins more than a washing machine. A couple of weeks ago, Jason assurred everyone that Stephane Dion was flush with cash, the cheques just hadn't been processed, the campaign was raking in the bucks, they had found a way to turn lead to gold, etc. As it turns out, they're just good at borrowing money. Dion best start asking more people to give him money or he is going to run out down the stretch.

The article is revealing for another reason: Dion claims they need money to pay for delegates. This is, perhaps, the worst use of campaign resources. The $1500 one has to pay to get a delegate from BC to come to Montreal could be spent on 1000 pieces of direct mail to other candidates' delegates who are committed to coming. Were I hoping to grow at the convention, this is where most of my money would be going. Not to subsidizing the delegate and convention fees of one vote.

Of course, Dion need not worry, as a half million bucks probably just got lost in the mail somewhere. Right, Jason?


Steve V said...

I wonder if the loan is under the same set of rules as normal contributions. Can these people who loaned the money to Dion raise funds differently, because it really isn't campaign money? Is there a cap for people?

"spins more than a washing machine"

It's actually to the point of embarrassing most of the time.

Peter Loewen said...


I can't imagine the rules are different. It must be contrary to the law to give a loan and then solicit larger than regularly allowed donations to pay off the loan. It would be a clear circumventing of the law.

I just cannot believe that it is wise for Dion to borrow three times more than he has raised.