Sunday, December 03, 2006

Goodbye Zaccardelli

UPDATE2: Just when I thought Zaccardelli couldn't be more capable of incompetency and outright dishonesty this comes out. Either he was complicit in Arar's torture or he had no control over his organization. Either way, any self-respecting minister would ask him to resign. I am beyond believing this man has the integrity to resign on his own accord. As for Julian Fantino, get to work. You have no business giving Zaccardelli "a show of support" when you have duties to attend to in Ontario.

It's all a little rich for our government to be criticizing the Chinese on human rights when they condone this type of action by their top cop.

UPDATE: Scanning Coyne's backpages, I came across this article on Zaccardelli. He makes the case much more compellingly than I ever could. To be clear, the RCMP took deliberative action to keep Mr Arar in prison in Syria, while fully aware he was innocent. And while being fully aware that he would be tortured there. How this man sleeps at night is a question for the ages. And how Mr Day, normally a champion of human rights, does not request his firing leaves me counting sheep.

I'd say this was the last straw, but then I thought that complicity in the deportation of a Canadian citizen to be tortured in Syria was enough. I also thought that covering it up and deceiving ministers of the crown was enough. So let's just say that this is the third fireable offense. And I hope the government sends this man packing. This is a lot worse than expensing a pack of gum.

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