Saturday, December 16, 2006

East Coast Mount Allisons

The East Coast Music Awards nominations were recently announced, and they might as well name them the East Coast Mount Allisons. Jana Starling, a professor of music at MTA, was has been nominated in for best classical recording. And, closer to home, In Flight Safety - of MTV Live and Dell computers commercial fame - have been nominated for four awards including Group Recording of the Year, Rising Star(s), Video of the Year, and Alternative Recording of the Year (where they'll be going up against the indefatigable and probably unshirted Jon Epworth, another Allisonian).

But, most significant to me is that David Myles has also been nominated for the Rising Star award. Now, I knew David back when he was the shy and unassuming leader of a ten piece funk band that used to pack Hesler Hall. And I knew him when he used to host the what was probably the most popular radio show in China, which is the same time that he was playing to a stadium of people in a blues band. Yes, I can see talent that others cannot. So, I am not surprised, but quite pleased. Good luck, David.

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