Friday, May 15, 2009

How to Help the Poor

Gordon says well a lot of what I think.

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Jim Johnson said...

Hey Peter! I hope all is well. Thanks for linking to this post. I think you and Gordon are right about the disconnect between the results of solid social science and politics on the left. I also think that you might apply the same lesson to politics on the right. When I followed the link Gordon's post to another on the minimum wage, I wondered whether, in addition to railing against the "left" for not attending to the subtleties of research (thereby blithely recommending large increases in the MW as though they never have any negative impact on labor demand)one might not also rail against the "right" for rejecting (or at least resisting vigorously) any proposal to increase the MW as necessarily leading to a negaitive effect on demand for labor. Subtlety cuts both ways, no?
Jim Johnson