Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cynics Without Borders

With the creation of this blog, I have more or less lost my purpose. Everyone, meet Danistan. Danistan, meet my three readers.

More to be posted soon, but perhaps not until I return from a bike trip to Labrador at the end of the week.


glenn fitzgerald said...

Love your blog.

And what I think is really cool about your blog is that you haven't attached it to any partisan party----that shows class.

Anyway, here is a conversation on Blogs Canada about George Orwell, Blogosphere, and the Party blogs on Blogosphere:


glenn fitzgerald said...

Anyway, I'm bookmarking your blog. I expect to show up here and post later this evening.

Here's my email:


Thanks again!

glenn fitzgerald said...

I've been going through the rest of your blog.

Really excellent commentary!!!

But its sort of ironical to see qualityb blogs like yours recieve less traffic then some of the really garbage blogs up and running.

Glenn Fitzgerald.

Anonymous said...

Hey Peter, Glenn doesn't think you lean either way on the political teeter-totter but don't worry... I know you are a Mulrooney brown-noser. I know you have had t-shirts made of his son for gods sake. I would also argue that if you had more pictures of boobies along side of your current commentary that you would triple or maybe even fivediple your readership.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in North Bay too. I used to make music there too, then went and made music in the USA for a number of years. I live out west now. I visit North Bay occasionally.

I will check your blog from time to time to see what you have to say.

Best wishes on your studies.