Thursday, April 12, 2007

On Belinda...

What exactly do you call someone who entered politics with so much promise but then left after just three years as an MP with a reputation for speaking out against their party's leadership, doing their own thing, and generally finding the role of an MP unstimulating? A dilletante? A flake? A self-serving ambition-driven shell? Well, today you call him the Prime Minister.


Neo Conservative said...

peter... i'm not sure any self-respecting academic wants to be using wikipedia as a source... but we'll let it go this once, for arguments sake...

"Harper emerged a prominent member of the Reform Party caucus, and earned respect even from political opponents for his intellect and ideological commitment. Author Mordecai Richler once described him as the 'one MP of substance' in the party."

you can't seriously be comparing uber-twinkie buh-linda strumpet... who went straight from high school to a nine million dollar a year job at her father's automotive conglomerate to the current prime minister.

buh-linda is the canadian equivalent of paris hilton... without the magabucks, she'd be less than ordinary.

the most apt description i've heard is, "put her in a tim horton's uniform... you'd never look twice."


Anonymous said...

Comparing Harper to Belinda is ridiculous. Harper has been politically active through his involvement in the NCC and other organizations.
Belinda was a tool for her father to try to gain political power and influence.

Peter Loewen said...

Anonymous says that comparing Belinda to Harper is ridiculous. And then s/he proceeds to do just that.

Listen, I think it's clear who has more political skill. But the poitn I was making, in some jest, is that you ought not to call someone a flake just because they found politics to not be of their liking.